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    Glass Pro Systems of ENC 

Glass Pro Systems of ENC is a mobile service based in Newport, North Carolina.  We provide expert leather and vinyl repair and
       coloring to match on your car, truck and or furniture.  We only use factory OEM dyes and the strongest materials possible on
       your repairs.  If you bought a car that needs restoration to the seats or if you are selling your car or truck and want to get
       the most for your trade in or sale outright, let us help you!  PH:  252-649-0952

       We provide service to Morehead City, Newport, New Bern, Jacksonville, Beaufort, Cape Carteret, Bogue

  Services we offer:

         Windshield repairWe use our own patented windshield repair tool which is a dry vacuum device which
                                                         produces the strongest, best looking repairs possible. Average time is ten minutes.

    Glass Polishing:  We use state of the art glass polishing tools and compounds to remove wiper scratches, sand
                                                    scratches, and water spotting. 

        Velour repair:     When you get a burn hole in your car seat, we can repair this too, no need to get expensive
                                                    re- upholstery.  We can also repair burn holes in the headliner.


        Leather & vinyl repair and coloring:  Glass Pro Systems of ENC does expert repairs to your
                                                   Auto, Truck seats to restore original beauty and durability that will exceed the original
                                                   finish.  We use the best repair materials to produce strong, good looking repairs and
                                                   can restore original grain to material.  We can also repair door panels from scratches,
                                                   and damage from animals.

        Steering Wheel restoration:  Have a steering wheel that looks worn?  We can restore steering
                                                   Wheel to look like it did originally. 

       Headlight Restoration:  Are your headlights discolored?  We can restore the clarity with our system
                                                to restore the clarity which will help you see better at night and make your car look better
                                                over all.

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